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TFBOYS is a Chinese men's singing group launched by Beijing Times Fengjun Company on August 6,2013。 TFBOYS是由北京时代峰峻公司于2013年8月6日推出的中国男子演唱组合。 It is composed of three members: Wang Junkai,Wang Yuan and ...

==英文介绍 LZ一看就是文化人 Beijing peak times strict culture art development co., LTDThrough out its TF family of outstanding trainee, in summer 2013 launch a new young idol group -- TFBOYS.TFBOYS meaning is: The Fighting Boys...

tfboys英文介绍 Tfboys introduction in English tfboys英文介绍 Tfboys introduction in English

TFBoys, 1 combinations, 2 cities, three juvenile. Special care, but long Huya Junior is a captain, he saw men of God Goddess and fans will laugh Cha Siu Bau, but since the black powder said he laughed very ugly, the boy becomes...

because they are called boy of digging shit.


英文名有什么意思吗。中文? Karry 凯瑞 roy 罗伊 jackson 杰克森

Are you trying to kid, we will support you,Iove tfboys.中文:你们都是努力的孩子,我们都会支持你,我爱你tfboys。 如果还有疑问,就请追问哦,家人~


This is Wang Junkai, his singing is very good, is a musician, is a middle school student, learning is great, was the idol of many people. He is very handsome, has a black head of hair, and a pair of charming eyes. Wang Junkai b...

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