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are you walking away when they respond to your question? 在他们回答你的问题的时候你是否走开了?

I will respond to my colleague this afternoon since i got too busy right now. 我今天下午会回应我的同事,因为我现在很忙.

1 learn the new words by heart the teacher told us to learn the new words by heart. 2 agree with do you agree with me? 3 raise funds 4 come up with lily works hard to come up with others. 5 spring field trip 6 pay attention to we should pay more attention to our writing.

He was wholely absorbed in writing the annoucement,it is his consistent pattern of behavior.To destroy a brilliant performance by guilty and bitter manner should be condemned

respond to英 [rispnd tu:] 美 [rspnd tu] [释义]响应; 对…作出反应[回答]; 对…有某种反应[感觉, 表现]; 顺从, 服从; [网络]答复; 应对; 反映; [例句]subnet configures this server to respond to requests from other servers regardless of where they are in the network. subnet将该服务器配置为响应其他服务器的请求,而不考虑这些服务器在网络中的位置.

1、意思不同 respond to是一个固定的搭配、词组.意思是回应,响应等.例句:The best way to respond to a flame is to ignore it. 回应谩骂性电子邮件的最好办法就是置之不理.而respond on不是词组,只是碰巧在一起,意思是在上作出反

和to 连用respond to 英[rispnd tu:]美[rspnd tu][词典] 响应; 对…作出反应[回答]; 对…有某种反应[感觉, 表现]; 顺从, 服从;[网络] 反应; 回应; 答复;[例句]Even very young premature babies respond to their mother's presence.即使是很小的早产儿也会对母亲的出现做出反应.

Who is response to detect fraud and error? 谁是负责查出公司的欺骗行为和错误?. The move is response to increasing outbreaks from raw produce. 该行动是为了回应增长中的未加工农产品的微生物突然爆发. The sedimentation rate is response to sedimentation process filter through a comb-like filter. 沉积速率测量可视为运用梳状滤波器对沉积过程的谱分离过程.

1.respond: [ ris'pnd ] v. 回答,回报,反应 responded是respond的过去分词 vt.以回答[+that] 造句:1.The government has responded to pressure and dropped the proposal. 2.He responded no to the first question. 2.远的;久远的;远离的[(+

my english scores more than him 我的英语成绩超过他了 protect the environment to starts from the minor 保护环境要从小事做起

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