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你好! rescue 英[ˈreskju:] 美[ˈrɛskju] vt. 营救,救援,使免遭损失; [法律] 非法劫回; n. 营救,救援; 营救[救援]行动; [例句]Paramilitary police units are taking part in rescue efforts. 准军事警察部队正在参与营救行动。


The girl questioned by the police was rescued from the well The girl was rescued from yhe well which is as deep as 10 meters.

A boy lost in the wilderness was saved by a kangaroo. That’s the story floating around after Simon Kruger, a 7-year-old boy, was rescued...

it pours You know all I have is Yours You smile when You hear my prayer You rescued me, and I believe That God is love, and He is all I need...

relief 英[rɪˈli:f] 美[rɪˈlif] n. 宽慰,安心;免除,减轻;救援物资;代班人 名词复数:reliefs [例句]This is at least a relief. 这至少是一种解脱。 rescue 英['reskju:] 美[ˈrɛskju] vt. 营救,救援,使免遭损...


And it feels like I've been rescuedI've been set free, I am hypnotized by your destinyYou are magical, lyrical, beautifulYou are, and I want you...

And it feels like I've been rescued 感觉我已获得新生 I've been set free 破茧而出 I am hypnotized by your destiny 我深深地被你的命运所吸引...

in the sea 就是“在海里面”的意思 swim in the sea 在海中游泳 at sea 有三个意思: “在海上(航行)” spend three months at sea 在海上航行了三个月 还有“茫然不知所措”和“弄错”的意思(此时= all at sea ) on the sea 在海上,在海边

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