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no use:无用。 例句: 1、It is no use crying over the spilt milk. 事已至此,徒悲无益。 2、It is no use crying about the past. 过去的事哭也是白费力气。 3、It's no use brooding over one's past mistakes. 老是抱着过去的错误是没用的。

no use 没用的;无益的 用法: It's no use always narking. 总发牢骚一点儿用也没有。 2.But it was of no use. 但是,这些都没有起到作用。 3.This company has no use for people who dont' know English. 不懂英文的人在这个公司是吃不开的。

it is no use 这是没有用的 双语对照 词典结果: It is no use 没用; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. It is no use crying now. 现在哭是没有用的。

It is no use没用; 双语例句1It is no use managing workers in that way. 职工们该不来还是不来。 2It is no use saying any more about it. 这类事变说得再多也没用。 3It is no use pretending you did not know. 你装糊涂是无济于事的。 pro...

没用的,白搭 ”no use “最常见用法 1.例如这个对话中:A:Does this machine work after you fixed it?B:No use./That's of no use. 2.用形式主语时可以这样使用:It's no use doing something... e.g. It's no use check this machine,for it's ...

it is no use的意思是: 没用,没有用。 例句: 1. After all, it is no use serving up TV dinners if the kids won't eat them. 毕竟,如果孩子不想吃冷冻快餐,给他们也没用。 2. It is no use fighting shy of publicity and then complaini...

There is no use in 。。。。。是没有用的 双语对照 例句: 1. It is sad to witness 73 years of investment banking history end this way but there is no use in denying it. 见证73年的投资银行业历史以这种方式终结令人难过,但否认现实于...


It is no use doing 做......是没用的(无济于事的) 双语对照 例句: 1. It is no use for increasingly miniature electronic devices. 对于越来越小的电子设备它毫无意义。 2. But it is no use just hoping the crisis will go away. 但只是希...

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