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My ideal home "I want to have a home, a home needn't to be large”, this is a widely spread song when I was still in elementary school, at a time when popular songs just emerged in Mainland. No doubt that everybody has such a wish in the heart,

If I were the transformers, I must be very happy and excited. I will be the most popular person in my school. It must be a lot of people would like to make friends and play with me. If I want to go anywhere or my friends and families would like to go some

My ideal home is not very karge,it is very beautiful and comfortable. My ideal have two floor, in the ground floor,have a sitting room and dinning room. we can chat with friends in the sitting room . that is very wonderful . we can eat dilicous meals in the

Ideal home 理想中的家 Two types of home. 两种形式的家是我喜欢的. The first one: public house,a normal house.80-100 square metres. 第一种:公房,一个普通的房子,在80-100平方米. The second one:the villa,raise two babies,have a good

My ideal roomMy ideal room should be like this. For one thing, the room must be big and the ceiling must be high; for another, a good air conditioner must be set. Besides I would like to paint this room with the colours of cake, of sea, and of snow. I

my dream house i'm now living in a small house with my parents. life for us is hard but happy. i must study hard so that i can buy a big new house some day. i call it a dream house. it has three floors with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two big

1"How much is my house worth?" Most probably the first question you ask when selling your home yourself. You've decided to dispense with the services of an agent and saved yourself a small fortune in the process! However when selling your

我理想的房子(My ideal house)Although dream of many person have a house, our garden of house is too small in china. I have bought a house last year, but I don't fit up it. My house is located in a small countryside. It is made of brick and

I want to have a room of my own. The color of wall is shallow blue. I have a table by the window big white So when I was reading a book, I can see the birds flying in the sky on desk, I want to take some books I will put this cute bear in bed on the

My Ideal Neighborhood My ideal neighborhood is not true , but I want to make it true. There is a school across from my house. It's convenient. There is a bookstore next to my house . I can borrow books in it. There is a park in front of the school. I

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