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when many people are asked who is the most important person for them,most of there answers are my parents,my children and so on.But don't forget that there is one kind of pepole who doesn't have direct relationship with...

Making Friends 交朋友 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义百科释义 1. 交友 2. 交游 例句: 1. Student residences are ideal for making friends. 学生宿舍是一个交朋友的理想之地。


中文,交朋友 的意思

Making Friends One of the most important things in the world is making friends. If you have a good friend, you are lucky. A good friend is more necessary than money or anything else in the world. You can have no money but you c...


How to Make Friends Everyone needs friends. A friend can give us help and share our difficulties and happiness. But how can we make friends? First, to make friends, you must be friendly to others. Smile at others and you are su...



纯手打,我真棒!! Making new friends mean ( putting) yourself out on a limb and asking others not only to accept you, but ot like you and want to be around you as well. 交新朋友意味着让自己不再孤立,而且不仅仅是让别人接受你,...

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