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lunch [lʌntʃ; lʌntʃ] 《luncheon 之略》 名词 1 (U) (以 dinner 为晚餐者之)午餐 (cf. dinner 【说明】) an early ~ 早吃的午餐 a light ~ 清淡的午餐 have [eat] ~ 进午餐 be at ~ 正 (在外) 进午餐 2 (C)(美)点心 3 (C)...



lunch的中文意思是“午餐”。 早餐是breakfast,晚餐是dinner。早中饭一起吃可以成为brunch,下午茶是afternoon tea。一般晚餐是supper(dinner是正式的)。高级的吃饭可以统称为dine。

lunch boxes(饭盒,便当)

have lunch 英[hæv lʌntʃ] 美[hæv lʌntʃ] [词典] 吃午餐; [例句]I know a wonderful restaurant where we can have lunch next week. 我知道一家很不错的餐厅,下周我们可以去那里吃午饭。

lunch [英] [lʌntʃ][美] [lʌntʃ] n. 午餐; vt.& vi. 吃午餐; 供给午餐; [例句] Shall we meet somewhere for lunch? 我们找地方见面一起吃个午饭好不好? [复数]lunches

you have no lunch 你没吃午餐 双语例句 1 No doubt you rarely plan to have a delicious meal at Arby's for dinner, a lingering lunch at Carl's Jr. or a special breakfast at the Burger King in the airport. 毫无疑问,你很少计划在阿...

eat lunch. 到吃午饭的时间了。 its time to do sth.固定搭配,改到做什么事的时候了。回复:意思是该吃午饭了回复:意思是该吃午饭了回复: Th


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