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您好,您的问题似乎表意不明,完善一下您的问题吧。 如果回答有不完善的地方,或不明白的地方,可以追问 希望采纳 谢谢!

Japanese Soup Noodles with Seafood翻译 Japanese Soup Noodles with Seafood [词典] 海鲜乌冬汤面;

bring 带来

关于日本文化的英语文章In Japan, when people meet for the first time, they usually bow instead of shaking hands.And when you eat in a japanese house,...

INFO Ramen is a very popular type of Japanese noodles. Although ramen is a relative newcomer to Japanese cuisine, it was reportedly eaten in ...

Barbecue : Only the original grilled prawns salt Saury grilled dishes White fish grilled dishes Salmon barbecue charcoal fire Carp spent grilled ...

主食、小吃 (Staple Food & Local Snacks) 1 X.O.炒萝卜糕 Turnip Cake with XO Sauce 2 八宝饭 Eight Treasure Rice 3 白粥 Plain Rice Porridge...

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