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in nEED是什么意思

in need = in poverty;in difficulty 在贫困中;在困难中*A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难朋友才是真朋友.*He is in great need.他非常贫穷.

in need 英 [in ni:d] 美 [n nid] 在危难中;需要帮助的;在困难时 双语例句 1 What are you in need of? I'll go and get it. 需要什么?我去奔.2 I am in need of a loan of a bike for a few weeks. 我需要借辆自行车用几个星期.

people (who are) in need 就是“有这种需要的人” 句中省略了 who are 这两个词

需要什么东西. in need of 需要

需要,缺少The brickwork in this house is in need of repair. 这所房子的砖造部分需要修理.Often,when we are at our most vulnerable,we are in need of reassurance,comfort or a gentle helping hand. 在最脆弱的时候,我们往往需要别人的鼓励和安

A friend in need is a friend indeed.危难中伸出援手的朋友才是真正的朋友.(危难之中见真情) in need - 在危难中,在危急中 (字面理解,在你需要他的时候)

不用着急,不是么.因为本来是个there be 句型.need是情态动词,加动词原形,所以be动词用的是原型,没有变型

如果说,某某人in need,意思是"xx 处在困难中".如果是in need of xx,是"需要xx"

indeed吧indeed:副词 ad. 1.(加强语气)真正地,确实,实在A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难之交才是真正的朋友. 2.(表示让步)当然,固然He is indeed young, but he is competent. 他固然年轻,但他很称职. 3.(表示进一层的意

children in need 需要帮助的儿童;儿童救助组织;贫困儿童;需要帮助的孩子们 双语例句1. The education authorities have to provide for children in need. 教育主管部门得救助贫困儿童.2. Home, health and Hope for children in need! 珍爱生命,给孩子家, 健康和希望.

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