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in other words 换句话说;就是说 2. in another word 换句话说;也就是说,另一种说法 区别: in other words 常用,是固定短语,而in another word不常用,从意思上看不出区别,但实际应用还是in other words 居多,in another word从一定程度...

Fly Me To The Moon Fly me to the moon 带我飞向月球 And let me play among the stars 并让我在群星之间嬉戏 Let me see what Spring is like 让我看看在木星和土星上的春天是怎样的 On Jupiter and Mars In other words, hold my hand! 换句...

Fly Me To The Moon?

other 指的是很多 another 指的是三者以内!

in other words是换句话说的意思,in another word 是另外一种说法的意思,从意思上看不出区别,但已经约定俗成了,如果表达的前面刚说的东西就用 in other words

Hello.friend! I have the same experience with you.Be patient,you will find something special or useful.usually,we communicate each other with language,so It's important to study literature.further more,reading some books of oth...


a good illustration of (this) is a soldier who can say this 代的就是前文“We can change a meaning by replacing one word in it with another” 这是近指,非远指,当然不用that了


another clever word assaulting unsuspecting heard and as you step back in the line who ___ now dance fucker dance you never had a chance they never...

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