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FounD out是什么意思

find out指经过一番努力找出结果,强调过程.found指找到答案,强调结果.

found out [词典] 发现; 找出; 搜索; 把…揭发出来; [例句]I found out my phone was bugged.我发现我的电话被窃听了.


Have you found the book you lost.更好些find就是找到find out 有弄清楚,了解到的意思find (sth) outto get information about something because you want to know more about it, or to learn a fact or piece of information for the first time:How did you

found 原型是find,find out直接可译为“查明,发现,找到”等,如:(1)I finally found out the answer to this question.我终于找到了问题的答案(2)I will find out who he really is.我要查明他究竟是谁.它的用法就和其他及物动词一样,但是跟代词时,代词在中间,find it out.

found out sth 查明,弄清(情况)foundd sb out识破, look for sth期待,盼望 look in(on sb)(尤指到某人住处)做短暂拜访

你比比谁的多, 后者是6本 more表示 比谁多,less表示少所以用lessfound out how 的意思是“找出怎么做”

只想找到只想找到 我一直很困惑日复一日为什么我或者,? 我想要做什么?(貌似语法有微许矛盾)继续茫然!(建议用still)但是, 我知道我始终喜欢\(或 我始终像)

look for 是指就是寻找、寻找的过程、 found 是find 的过去时态、意思是找到、是一个结果、 found out 就是find out 是指找出来、查出来的意思


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