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FAr From如何造句?

far from 1.远离 The railway station isfar from here.火车站离这里很远。 Shanghai is not far fromhere.上海离这儿不远。 2.远远不;完全不;非但不…反而 The present situation isfar from satisfactory though some progress has been m...

The changes were far from random. 这些变化远非随机发生的。

His explanation is far from satisfactory.

far from and far away from are similar in using. E.g: my school is far from my house. | Shanghai is far away from my house. far away from is "farther" than far from . far away doesn't need an object after it: Beijing is far away.

Get as far away from me as possible. 尽可能的离我远一点.

l live far from my school.我住的离我的学校很远。

But I feel too far away. 但我觉得有点太远了。 He plans to move far away and return to farming. 他打算远远离开工厂,重新下地务农。 This may all seem like a distant dream, but it is not so far away. 这也许像是一个遥远的梦想,但是...

My home is far from the hospital

We should be far from the net bar . ..

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