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enthusiastic 英 [ nθju:zistk ] 美 [ nθu:zistk ]adj. 热心的、热情的、热烈的、狂热的双语例句1.Bob Dole seemed less than enthusiastic about the proposed move.鲍勃多尔似乎对提议的这项行动不太感兴趣.2.The teachers

enthusiastic [简明英汉词典] [in7Wju:zi5Astik] adj.热心的, 热情的



1;passionate意思:激昂的; 热烈的; 易怒的; 易被情欲所支配的; 比较强烈的表达方式例句:You weren't passionate about anything else?你就没喜欢点别的?2;enthusiastic意思:热情的; 热心的; 热烈的; 狂热的; 情绪表达的方式,例句:Mcdonald's young outgoing enthusiastic.“麦当劳”,年轻、友善、热情.

意思是 热情的

enthusiastic adj. 热情的;热心的;狂热的词根:enthuseadv.enthusiastically 热心地;满腔热情地n.enthusiasm 热心,热忱,热情enthusiast 狂热者,热心家vi.enthuse 热心(过去式enthused,过去分词enthused,现在分词enthusing,第三人称单数enthuses)vt.enthuse 使热心

adj.伟大的,大的,强烈的,非常的,主要的,大写的,重大的,崇高的adv.顺利地 贵族的Informal Enthusiastic:【非正式用语】 极热心的:a great lover of music.音乐迷

Who was the first one rejecting the belief that earth was the centre of the universe?Gustave Eiffel was enthusiastic of constructing the iron tower, which brought him world fame.It is difficult to draw a conclusion without sufficient evidence

MADE ITS WAY 就是成功的做了某事WAITING FOR是一个短语,后面要跟东西的..如果没有,就不用FOR

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