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crowded比较级是more crowded.很多双音节和多音节词比较级构成是前面加more. 如more beautiful 最高级是most crowded

crowded [`kraJdId; kraudid] 形容词(more ~; most ~)1 a. 拥挤的,挤满人的,客满的 a ~ city 拥挤的都市 a ~ train [bus] 拥挤的火车[公共汽车] b. <某场所>挤满 […]的,拥挤的[with](cf. crowd v.t. 1a,b) The street was ~ with shoppers.那条街道挤满了购物的人潮 The room was ~ with furniture.那个房间摆满了家具2 阅历丰富的,多事的 a ~ life 阅历丰富的生活 [一生] 名词 ~.ness

the most crowded 因为"crowded"是三音节词,所以最高级是在前面加the most

As the baby when my family house in the demolition, temporary residents in the tenements of relatives house, furniture, debris all crowded in a room with limited simply no place to let your baby crawl, so learning to walk in most of the time in the

crowded [`kraJdId; kraudid]形容词(more ~; most ~)1 a. 拥挤的,挤满人的,客满的a ~ city拥挤的都市a ~ train [bus]拥挤的火车[公共汽车]b. <某场所>挤满[…]的,拥挤的[with](cf. crowd v.t. 1a,b)The street was ~ withshoppers.那条街道挤满了购物的人潮The room was ~ withfurniture.那个房间摆满了家具2 阅历丰富的,多事的a ~ life阅历丰富的生活 [一生]名词~.ness


crowded the most crowded你用错词了,拥挤应该这样写

embarrass [im'brs] vt. 使局促不安;使困窘;阻碍most crowded名词arrival

写错了吧?应该是crowded吧?more crowded比较级the most crowded最高级

most comfortable happiest hungriest most friendly. biggest. reddest. funnest. best. worst. cheapest. most popular. crowdedest. earliest. thinnest tallest. oldest.

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