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http://www.yiibai.com/git/git_handling_conflicts.html 上面有教程,自己参考下了。

1、conflict ['kɒnflɪkt] n. 冲突,矛盾;斗争;争执 vi. 冲突,抵触;争执;战斗 一般指观点,法律等方面的冲突,可以理解为抽象的冲突。 例句: This is a serious dispute,and could lead to armed conflict. 这是一场严重的争执,有...

在Moudle-Edit keywords中找到这个文件的keywords 删掉其中开头为*Conflicts ……的句子,一般有3行 从后往前找 再提交计算试试

Sometimes people need to work and to live together so as to help each other. But different people have different personalitites, living habits and personal needs. Thus, for people who live in the same room, it is inevitable to ...


有些杂志是要求提交"Conflict of Interest"的,举个例子来说明这个问题吧。下面的内容节选自Food and Chemical Toxicology Guide for Authors. Conflict of Interest and Source of Funding. A conflict of interest exists when an author or t...

4. 在”Link”标签上, 在”Project options”的输入框中, 变化”/machine:I386”(没有引号)到”/machine:IA64”(没有引号) 译注: 正确设置应是: /machine:AMD64 检查一下这一步有没有设置正确。 其实VC6已经有点老了,为什么不用新版的VS? :)


git status tells you about the state of your working directory tree and your index (where staged changes live) relative to the latest commit on the current branch. The output you're seeing means that the files on your disk exac

...你定义一个和android Handler同名的类干嘛? 你定义的类换个名字就OK

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