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come to 到某处,如 come to my office come for 为什么而来 如 come for you help (来找你帮忙)

Come for me Cover me Come for me Comfort me Come for me Cover me Come for me Comfort me I had a dream No longer to be free I want ...

come for a visit 来参观; [例句]You say you might even come for a visit. 你说你甚至有可能回来探访我们。 We thought she'd come for a visit, but it seems she's staying for good. 我们本以为她只是来看一下就走,可是看起来她似乎要在这...

comfortable [英][ˈkʌmftəbl] [美][ˈkʌmfətəbəl, ˈkʌmftəbəl] adj.舒适的; 安逸的,处于轻松的; 充裕的;

come for这里可以译成来取回的意思。 答案B。它会在明天十二点准备好,虚拟语气,表示未发生但很可能发生

歌名:O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Tiu De Haan (英国) 歌词: O Come, O Come Emmanuel I'm missing you I'm waiting for your spell without you my heart will fade I weather if your love is delay Come now, Come now, Emmanuel I'm wai...

歌词应为”Everybody is Kung fu fighting“出自歌曲《Kung Fu Fighting》。 《Kung Fu Fighting》 歌手:Cee-Lo& Jack Black 所属专辑:《功夫熊吗影视原声》 发行时间:2008年06月03日 歌词: Oh-oh-oh-oh... Oh-oh-oh-oh... Oh-oh-oh-oh... Oh-...

Summertrain - Greyson Chance Come with me for a little ride see the shadows passing by 和我一起坐一次火车吧,看那窗外闪过的影子 Look at sun...

你好! come for me 来看我了

你好!这是固定搭配。 这里的help是名词,所以,不需要用for come to one's help 来帮助某人 come to sb 向某人求助

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