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ComE ABout造成造句

come about 形成How did you come about this conclusion? 你怎么推出结论的?come about指的是发生;意料之内的,.如:how did this come about?这是怎么发生的?

come about v. 发生;产生;实现,造成;(偶然)遇见或发现 ;改变方向 come about 也有 转身,转回 的意思, 但不常用.come about1.(of a ship or wind)change direction转向 It was so stormy that the ship had to come about and head for the

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come about表示“发生、产生”,多指事情已经发生了,但还不知道为什么,常用于疑问句和否定句,例如: When Mother woke up, she didn't know what had come about. I'll never understand how it came about that you were late three times a week. Do you know how the air accident came about?

come about 英[km baut] 美[km bat] [词典] 发生; 改变方向; [例句]Any possible solution to the Irish question can only come about through dialogue任何解决爱尔兰问题的可行方案只能通过对话产生.

Come about--侧重当一个事物在进行过程中突然发生变故而转变了原来的轨迹或方向.happen-- 等同于take place,通常指“(某事)按计划进行或按计划发生.”即发生.eg: Due to the accident came about, the traffic was bit slow and crowd.

come about 发生,产生,实现;【航海】抢风调向,改变方向 How did it come about that he knew where we were? 他是怎么知道我们在什麽地方的呢?Expected or required but not yet having come about. 期待发生的被期望或要求但仍未发生的 How did this come about? 这是怎么发生的?

come about1.发生;产生(尤指不受控制地)2.(船只,风等)转向作为一个词组它可以运用在很多句子中,常见的有:How did it come about that…(……情况是如何发生的?)或者直接说,How did it come about?(那事是怎么发生的?)

come 英[km] 美[km] vi. 来; 出现; 开始; 发生; vt. 做; 装扮…的样子; 将满(…岁); int. 嗨!; [造句]Two police officers come into the hall.两位警官走进大厅.Eleanor had come to visit her.埃莉诺来看过她了.The fortune will come to

come about 发生 The flood came about as a result of the heavy spring rains. 春季的大雨造成了洪水泛滥. 改变方向 The ship came about and headed for safety. 船改变了航向向安全地带驶去.

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