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bitter heart(季小薇)sun rays come down as seen when they hit the ground,children spinning around till they fall down down down.i wait for you:it's been two hours now,you're still somewhere in town,your dinners getting cold.i rest my case you are

bitter heart 心都凉了;心酸酸;例句 sweetheart, bitter heart, now i can't tell you apart.亲爱的,痛苦的心,我现在分辨不了你.low into my bitter heart with tears.随泪水流进我痛苦心灵.如有疑问,请追问~ 如果有帮助,请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢~

[ti:Bitter Heart][ar:Zee Avi][al:Zee Avi(同名专辑)][by:bzmtv.com][00:00.00]Zee Avi(季小薇) - Bitter Heart[00:03.00]专辑:Zee Avi(同名专辑)[02:31.73][00:06.00]LRC:[00:09.00][00:11.89]Sun rays come down[00:14.15]as seen when they hit

恩 看了 最后那一话2人抱在一起的时候我眼眶都有点湿润了, 超好看的 蓝川我觉的好可爱的 (那个四眼没想到竟然还会做出那种事情)

首先,外国人是绝对不会用bitterer的,反正我问了一圈,好多鬼佬都不知道bitter的比较级可以说bitterer其次诗歌最讲究的是韵律,bitter 与wilder 音节数一样同时押韵,你觉得作为诗歌作者会傻到去用bitterer来破坏整句话的音韵之美么

昨天见 See You Yesterday我有这个,里面都是新出来的好玩看不了的,就在我看我简戒..,感兴趣的话可以了解一下

查看邮箱 满意的话 记得采纳 谢谢 优乐美发,

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你好!First love is no sugar bitter in the mouth with warm in the heart打字不易,采纳哦!

Sorry - Meg MyersMy heart is wasted and cut up like a drugAnd your tears they taste like vinegar and bloodAnd these conversations choke us 'til we're numbNo matter what we're saying, it never seems enoughSo take me to the startTake me to that

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