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BE FAr From什么意思

far away 用作表语或状语,away可以省去,因此,far away = far ; far away from = far from far (away) 后不接宾语;far (away) from 后一定要接宾语. The do not live far away. 他们住得并不远. far from除了表示距离的”远离”之外,还有”远...

be far from的中文释义:远离;距…很远 例句: You will also be far from your family. 你还会远离家人。 词汇解析: 1、far from 英文发音:[fɑː(r) frəm] 中文释义:远离 例句: I am trying to recreate family life far from hom...

Be far from 远离 例句: The restaurant is not far from here. 饭店离这儿不远。

far away from 远离,离...远 = apart from/remote from 例句 Like these men,my wife and I and my coworkers are all far awayfrom anywhere we might call home. 就像这些人一样,我和我的妻子以及同事们都远离了我们可以叫做家的地方. If you ...

be far away 指很远,远离,遥远 be far from 远不是,距……很远。距离某处很远的意思,跟前者意思相近,只是可以from后面跟sth/sb/somewhere。


by far(最,显然:到达极为明显的程度) She is by far the best executive in the company. 她目前是公司中最为优秀的决策人 She is the best by far/She is by far the best. 她显然是最好的 by far用于比较级之后时,比较级前不带冠词 如:bett...

be a long distance from be not near/close to

远不等于 be far from 是相差很远的意思,可以是高出很多,也可以是低了很多 equal是相等

be far from是个固定搭配,意思是:距离......远 Yanan is very far from Guangzhou. = 延安(距)离广州相当远。 供参考!

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