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At prEsEnt造句

I am busy at present. 我现在在忙. 最简单的句子了 I am tired at present. 希望我的回答能对你有帮助如果还有问题,可以问我,^_^

At present many units are overstaffed. 现在很多单位人浮于事. (人手过多)

this is the present for our school at present.

1.at the present time, we must think out the way to this problem.2.tomorrow is my mother's birthday,i will give her a wonderful present!

你好:at present=at this time=now'' 造句:I'm afraid I can't help you just at present-I'm to busy. 很抱歉,我现在帮不了你--实在太忙了.

At present the world situation is complicated and changeable.当今的世界纷繁复杂,变化多端.Are you employed at present?你现在有工作吗?At present they are just 18%.而目前仅占18%.

I don't want to go shopping at present . 我眼下我想去购物. at present 有 眼下,现在,目前的意思.

The children are safe at present.求采纳

At present people are getting more and more concerned about the price of houses.At times he goes to the park with his friends.at the age of six he began to learn to play the piano.At the end of the meeting we sang an English song.

1.At the present time, we must think out the way to this problem.2.Tomorrow is my mother's birthday,I will give her a wonderful present!

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