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As wE know

一、当“像”讲时,语法结构的不同之处是: 1、as作连接词。她引导比较状语从句和方式状语从句,而且这两种从句通常为省略句。例如: 1、She is a fine singer, as her mother used to be. 2、There is as much water in this cupas in that one. ...

As we know是“正如我们知道”,这个结构通常以as 作为关系代词,引导非限制性定语从句,比如As we know, the earth moves around the sun.,这里“as”就在“as we know”这个从句中指代了“the earth moves around the sun”整个主句。 As we know是定...

As we known这种用法是错误的。 表达“众所周知”: as everyone knows 人人都知道这一点 as is known to all 这一点是大家共知的 it is universally known (that) 全世界都知道/地球人都知道 it is widely known (that) 被广泛地知道 Every barbe...

"as we know"和"as you know" 我觉得吧,这两个词组在演讲上用的比较多. 而且as you know也包括我,但更注重“你们” as we know正如我们所知道的,包括我 as you know正如你们所知道的,不包括我

时态则不要求一致:As we know.比如:As we know. 3,所以后面没有什么特定的时态要求As we known本身就是一个错误的结构,the plane crushed yestered,主句与定语从句的谓语表示的动作如果不是同时发生:As we know,所以无论后面跟什么时态: 1,...

It is well known that; as known to all; as is well known; it's commonly known that; be universally [widely] known; Everybody knows ; it is common knowledge that; It is known to all that; It is particularly notorious that

as we all know相当于汉语中“大家都知道...."句首发语作用 as we know就是据我们所知

like we know it is known that we all know that as it is known

As we all know 正确 all / both / each等词的位置1.系动词之后 2 行为动词之前 3.第一谓语之后。 如 1 We are all students 2. We all worked hard 3. We have all known the secret / We will all help him with his study. 再者,你的表述中a...

可以吧! 举个例子: As we all know it is easier to do one thing at a time.

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