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All Falls Down专辑:All Falls Down歌手:Alan Walker / Noah Cyrus / Digital Farm AnimalsWhat's the trick? I wish I knew 爱的诀窍是什么 真希望我能懂 I'm so done with thinking through all the things I could've been 我受够了总是去想我本能完成的

这个吗?和弦没问题吧?G C2 G If fear's what makes us decide C2Our future journeyG C2 GWell I'm not along for the ride C2'Cause I'm still yearningG C2 GTo try and touch the sky C2 GMy fingers burning C2 G Before you are old you're young C2

BSB--As Long As U Love Mehttp://www.jitapuku.com/look.asp?id=76368卡彭特的《什锦菜》《柠檬树》 有点难度,要大横按,不过很好听http://www.jitapuku.com/look.asp?id=57840Westlife--My Love 和弦还比较简单http://www.jitapuku.com/look.

歌曲名:All Fall Down 歌手:OneRepublic 专辑:Dreaming Out Loud all fall down OneRepublic step out the door and it feels like rain that's the sound, that's the sound on your windowpane take to the streets, but you can't in know that's the sound,

展开全部 这个你可以试试这些歌很温暖,没有金属味,适合有阳光的午后,很悠闲【Anaesthesia】Maximilian Hecker强烈推荐 【Summer Days In Bloom】Maximilian Hecker力推!【end of May】Keren Ann 【gotta have you】The

baby C Am F Gdown to earth C Amin G FEenie Meenie Am F C GFavorite Girl Em Am C B7Never Say Never Em G D AOne Less Lonely Girl E Asus2 E Asus2One Time C F9That Should Be Me Bm G D F#

不知道你要的是谁唱的 这有两个 谱子也简单 注重你的感觉 不懂问我哈 歌曲名:falling slowly 歌手/: C I don't know you F But I want you C F All the more for that C Words fall through me F And always fool me C F And I can't react Am

歌曲名:All Fall Down歌手:Dj KFX专辑:K ProjectAnastacia - All Fall DownNo one's born in this world without a soulSome will follow every single road trying to find a homeBut when you're sheltered by the ones you loveYou can stand protected

C C/B AmI'm a little used to calling outside your name I wont see you tonight so I can keep from going insane F C E7 AmBut I don't know enough, I get some kinda lazy day F GHey yeah I've been fabulous through to fight my town a name I'

C* FI don't know you but I want youC* FAll the more for that这里开始有女声伴唱,但是我不会做了,C* FWords fall through me always fool meC* FAnd I can't react以上的右手是53231323,下面2句可以5323,也可以凭感觉来Am G F G

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