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take care 保重,注意(一般是跟别人道别的时候用) take care of 照顾,护理 care for 喜欢,照顾 care about 关心,在乎

Take care Take good care of yourself Take care your health

take care 基本翻译 take care:注意 | 小心 | 保重


除皱什么的是给30岁以上用的 20岁么补补水好了 不然皮肤会有抗性的更容易出问题

不完全一样 take care of 指“承担对…的保养、赡养或治疗的责任”。例如: There was no one else to take care of theirchildren. 没有别人可以照料他们的孩子。 You have to learn to take care of yourpossessions. 你得学会保管好自己的财物。...

take care of作“照顾、照料”解,相当于look after. 如: ① I believe that neighbors can take care of your son while you are out. 相信我外出期间我的邻居们会照顾我的儿子的。 ② The boy is very young. He can’t take care of himself. 这...

Sleepless nights you creep inside of me Weave your shadows in the breath that we share You take more than just my sanity Take my reason not to care...

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