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A numBEr oF造句

A number of boys are singing songs.(许多男生在唱歌.) The number of students is getting larger and larger.(学生们的人数愈来愈多. )

a number of 意思是许多、大量 experts suggested a number of possible reasons. 专家提出了一些可能的原因.希望可以帮助你!满意的话,希望采纳哦,谢谢!

there are a large number of.a large number of+ 复数名词做主语时, 谓语用复数 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

a number of 意思是许多、大量.随便造个:I have a number of books.

a number of 英[ nmb v] 美[e nmb v] [词典] 一些; 许多的; [例句]Two significant constants have been found in a number of research studies.若干研究已经发现了两个重要常量.

1. A number of unruly youth ganged up and terrorized the district. 一些不法青年结成一伙,使这个地区充满恐怖. 2. A number of people disagreed. 有几个人不同意.

A number of students are planting trees on the hill.许多学生在小山上植树.

I have a great number of apples.我有许多的苹果.这个短语后面只能接可数名词的复数形式要接不可数名词的话要用a great deal of

答:首先,动词没有单复数.动词分动词原形、现在式、过去式、现在分词、过去分词等.1、 I saw a number of students dance in the hall. a number of+名词复数+动词原形 2、 There was a number of soldiers shooting at the target. a number of+名词复数+现在分词3、 I found a number of eggs broken in the basket. a number of+名词复数+过去分词, 这里的过去分词表示状态(破碎的状态),而不是动作.

在很多方面in……ways 是在……方面的意思a number (of)是大量、许多

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