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一百年以前。ago与动词简单的过去时连用表示“以前”。before也是表示“在......之前”的意思。如果是before a hundred years 则表示在一百年之前,意思是一样的。

More than seven hundred years ago,a 17-year-old Italian boy traveled thousands of kilometers on horseback to China.He visited many places all over the...

before a hundred years

是这篇吗? Early one morning,more than a hundred years ago,an American inventor called Elias Howe finally fell asleep.He had been working all night on the design of a sewing machine but he had run into a very difficult problem:...


Two hundred years ago., life was very hard for man. People had to hunt or fish for food. They had no many tools to use.

A hundred years ago it was assumed and scientifically “proved” by economists that the laws of society made it necessary to have a vast army of poor...

小题1:D小题2:A小题3:A小题4:B 小题1:细节分析,第一句 a very unusual boat以及第二句关于船的描述。小题2:综合判断题,第二段最后一句可知。小题3:细节理解题,第二段讲述非洲南端好望角。小题4:综合判断题,最后一段可知。

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