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How olD is "olD"? ThE AnswEr hAs ChAngED ovEr t...

小题1:B小题2:A小题3:C小题4:B 试题分析:这篇短文中作者主要对“old”进行了解释,并以“aging”为话题展开讨论,意在教育人们要保持一颗不老的心灵;永怀远大理想。小题1:细节理解题。根据短文第一段At the beginning of the 20th century, the a...

BCBDA 1.细节题:从第一段的句子:It’s over a hundred years old.可知篮球被发明出来有100多年了,选B。2. 细节题:从第一段的句子:As they couldn’t play outdoors, they were unhappy, 可知学生不高兴是因为不能去户外玩。选C。3. 细节...



the new multinationals over the old是 advantages的定语,表示什么什么的优势是-----

more than went to how many what does....have

小题1:C小题1:D小题1:A 小题1:根据Electric Edenby RobYoungRob Young’s new book explores folk music during the 1960s and early ‘70s in Britain.可知选C。小题1:根据The SnowmanBy Jo NesboThe detective Harty Hole searches for a seria...

试试 Capozio的 Serenity。 我想到的画面是用延迟摄影拍摄的快速移动的云和车流,从晨光一线到夕阳西下。

china is over5000 years old.it has a muxh longer history than the us. 中国是有5000多年老比我们muxh更长的历史。

It is over nine hundred years old. 这已经超过900岁了

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