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respect[ris'pekt] n. 尊敬[重][pl. ]敬意, 问候重视, 关心, 考虑着眼点, 方面歧视Show respect to those who are older. 尊敬长者。 We must pay respect to the needs of the general reader . 我们必须关心一般读者的需要。 I think you are ...

关于, (至于)谈到 We must have a talk with respect to that point. 我们必须进行关于那一问题的商谈. Women enjoy equal rights with men with respect to culture and education. 妇女享有与男子平等的文化教育权利. It's going to raise ...

in respect of是固定短语 表示"关于" 相当于about的作用 其实原句特意用了in respect of 没有什么特殊的含义

1.respect: 既可以做动词也可以做名词。respect someone/sth. show one's respect. 2.respected: respect的过去式(例如,He was respected. );也可以做形容词,表示受尊重的。(例如, The respected leaders.) respected ideas 公认理论;权威...

show respect to others

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