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~+名词 respect oneself自重 ~+副词 1)respect affectionately友好地尊重 2)respect deeply十分尊敬 3)respect dutifully恭敬地尊重 4)respect fully完全尊重 5)respect genuinely由衷地尊敬 ~+介词 1)respect as把…尊为 2)respect fo...

例句与用法: 1. If they had any respect for human life they wouldn't do such terrible things. 他们如果还顾及人的生命就不会做出这样可怕的事来。 2. I deeply respect her courage. 我深深敬佩她的勇气。 3. He commands the respect of a...


关于, (至于)谈到 We must have a talk with respect to that point. 我们必须进行关于那一问题的商谈. Women enjoy equal rights with men with respect to culture and education. 妇女享有与男子平等的文化教育权利. It's going to raise ...

in respect of是固定短语 表示"关于" 相当于about的作用 其实原句特意用了in respect of 没有什么特殊的含义

with respect to关于..., 至于... in respect of关于, 就...而言 with regard to关于 in regard to关于 这四个词语可以互换,注意to接原形,of加ing形式,都可以放在句首

show respect to others

You should keep confidence on what you are doing, appreciate other people's help and respect your opponents.

1. Am I allowed to 我可以……吗 2. As a matter of fact 实际上…… 3. As far as I'm concerned 就我而言 4. As far as I know 据我所知 5. As I just mentioned 正如我刚才提到过的 6. As I see it 在我看来 7. As is known to us all 众所周知,...

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