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用on thE wAy to造句

get out of the way的意思是 “解决(除去;摆脱)” 有关get的知识如下 get v.得到;使得;抓住;克服;明白;激怒;患(病);达到 n.生育;后代;救球词汇搭配 get a blow 遭到打击 get a book 买一本书 get a car 买辆汽车 get a card 收到贺卡

1. On the way to happiness! 踏上通往快乐的道路! 2. He witnessed a traffic accident at the crossing on the way to the supermarket yesterday . 昨天在去超市的路上他看到在十字路口发生了一起交通事故.

in one way,一方面 he study hard,in one way help others truely.

With an elaborate schedule every day, I'm on the way to realizing my dream.

On the way to school, I met an old friend. On the way to the theatre, I lost my ticket.

On my way to shool , I found a wallet on the ground.

I'm on the way to the hospital.我正在去医院的路上.

On the way home,l met my new English teacher.在我回家的路上,我遇到了我的新英语老师.(过去式,无语法错误)

I know the way to school. 我知道去学校的路.

1.by the way,could you tell me how much it is?顺便问一下,这个东西多少钱? 2.by the way,are you japanese?顺便问一下,你是日本人吗? 用by the way造句其实蛮简单的,随便什么句子都能套用上去的.

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