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The most important persons in their lives are their friends. It's common for brothers and sisters to quarrel with each other in large families. 即使当他们不和朋友面对面相处时,他们也经常花很多时间褒电话粥. Some parents may even discourage their children from meeting their good friends.

The train starts at 10 o 'clock in the morning、The bell rings、You are always forgetting something important、第四句不清楚、Kids are interested in interesting games.、They asked his age and he was very embarrassed

He used to be lonely and he had no friends. He used to be afraid ot make friends with others,too. One day a smile of his classmate changed his life. He tried to communicate with his classmates. From then on he became outgoing.

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忠犬八公里的优美句子 Faithful dog eight kilometers of beautiful sentences 忠犬八公里的优美句子 Faithful dog eight kilometers of beautiful sentences


Success is not measured by money.

1.美国西部的天气怎样 2.实话告诉你,我是美国人不是英国人 3.JON的国籍是哪里的?他是巴西的 4.Where does she come from?He is from Austra 5.Do u like tea or coffee 6.Do u like cookie?yes,but i don't want to eat now 7.THe weather here isn't always good 8.The weather is very cold in north. 我的对足以应付小学水平 词汇简单

Telling myself everyday , I'm very good. = =|||

There is no limit for love.爱那里有界限Take me "Wedy".星期三我俩见Always Smile at me.对我笑, 令我忘忧Because I want to.难道你差不透Keep you.我要你Keep me Woody.要你令我坚强Always smiling at me.对我笑, 令我忘忧Because I want to.难道你差不透Keep you.我要的是你.

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