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寻一首中文歌曲,其中有句歌词是“you ArE my EvErything”

《You are my everything 》temptations/boyz ii men/ lexington bridge/于天龙/kutless./冯曦妤有这类歌词的歌曲太多了,答案不唯一,你可以去试听一下以上歌手的这首歌,看看哪一首是你要的

应该是郑贞允的《 you are my everything 》,是韩版的《秘密花园》插曲.你查一下,看看是不是.不是再告诉我,我再帮你查.


歌曲:you are my everything 歌手:temptations you are my everythingla la la layou are my everything the sun that shines above you make the blue birds sing the stars that twinkle wake up in the sky tell me i'm in love when i kiss your lips i feel the

来自星星的你 ost 名字my destiny

-- you are my everything (秘密花zhidao园)(Naomi)-- you are my everything (4man)版--youaremyeverything (davichi)-- you are my everything (flower)-- you are my everything自己找找看吧.权

是you were my everything,我所知道的歌手是aviation.

You Are My Everything你是我的一切Baby I can't let you go 宝贝儿我无法放弃你I think about you all the time 我无时无刻不在想念着你Think about you all the nights 整夜思念你You and me we creeping next to the sea 你和我,我们悄悄来到海边You

aviation - you are my everything aviation - you are my everythingyou're the one that i want,the one that i need.the one that i gotta have just to succeed.when i first saw you,i knew it was real.i'm sorry about the pain i made you feel.that wasn't me;let me

My Destiny 是来自星星的你主题曲

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