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Monday 星期一 Tuesday 星期二 Wednesday 星期三 Thursday 星期四 Friday 星期五 Saturday 星期六 Sunday 星期日

Monday ['mʌndi, 'mʌndei] n. 星期一 tuesday ['tju:zdi] n. 星期二 wednesday ['wenzdei, 'wenzdi] n. 星期三 thursday ['θə:zdi] n. 星期四 friday ['fraidi] n. 星期五 saturday ['sætədi] n. 星期六 sunday ['s...

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

我个人看法: 中文:星期一 英文:Monday 中文:星期二 英文:Tuesday 中文:星期三 英文:wednesday 中文:星期四 英文:Thursday 中文:星期五 英文:Friday 中文:星期六 英文:Saturday 中文:星期天 英文:Sunday

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

星期一:Monday 星期二:Tuesday 星期三:Wednesday 星期四:Thursday 星期五:Friday 星期六:Saturday 星期日:Sunday

星期一至星期日from Monday to Sunday. 星期一Monday 星期二 Tuesday 星期三 Wensday星期四 Thursday 星期五 Friday 星期六 Satday 星期日Sunday

monday tuesday wensyday thursday friday surterday sunday

My week I know there are seven days in a week.They are: Monday ,Tuesday ,Wednesday ,Thursday ,Friday ,Saturday and Sunday.I spend all of them very happily. I go to school on Monday to Friday.We have some classes in school,such ...

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