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Hello,everyone!My name is Xing Xiaoqing.You can call me Cherry.I'm in Class 0506.Li Nan is my best friend.She's thirteen years old.Her birthday is on 3rd October and she was born in Shen Zhen.She lives with her family in Haimen.She's 1.60

Do you know my classmate Mary? She is the craziest girl I have ever met in my life. She is friendly and she's pretty, She's helpful and a nice person. But she is also a really brave girl in her plan of study and life. Sshe was born on October 24,1986

顺手采纳答案 My Friend Do you have any good friends? May is one of mine. She is ten years old. She is tall, and she has a round face, big eyes, a small nose and a small mouth, her hair is long and black. May and I are classmates, she sits behind

my classmates, she has a pair of big eyes, with long hair, high nose and a small mouth, and as tall as me, she likes smiling, also love the people find in helping others, every time when i am not happy, she will make me laugh, can make friends with

It is my pleasure to introduce my school and my classmates.My school is located in ,and its name is.There are many tall buildings in the school, and there are many trees.Each season has a different beautiful scenery.The most important is that

(My Classmates) I have many friends in my class. They're lovely and interesting. I would like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. She's always ready to help everyone, but she is

Everyone has a really good friend or Zhixin Ren, so I have a friend like her grown very ordinary, very pure, performance is also very good, she is adorable, but her character is very cheerful, I particularly like him. He helped me a lot of busy, I have once

As the saying goes; the world difficult to meet people. My classmates often help me. I forget to bring my stationery when, they always give me borrow a pencil, ruler, rubber and other stationery, sometimes I don't make the question, my classmates

People have their own interests. So they have different hobbies. Today I will say something about my classmates' hobbies. Lu Han's hobby is reading. She say books can

My ClassmateYe, one of my classmates, also my best friend, is a nice 友好的guy. He is also quiet and busy with his study. He is good at maths and English. Meanwhile, he is also quite handsome and attracts many girls. To be honest, 坦白e69da5

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