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求一首英文歌 内容好像翻译过来是给我打电话 就只...

《Call Me Maybe》应该是这首。

Maroon 5的payphone吧


应该是我猹的歌,去听听看《Attention》- Charlie Puth

The Fray -《Never Say Never》 http://music.baidu.com/song/1592359 Never Say Never The Fray Some things we don't talk about better do without just hold a smile we're falling in and out of love the same damn problem together all ...

Telephone 第一句歌词是Hello.baby,you called.

i dont wanna take a step back but i'm running on emptiness we're just no longer on the same track and it's killing me in every way you take me in shut me out you're breaking me down tell me that i'm the one but i see through yo...

好像是immortals 是Fall Out boy 唱的

《宝贝对不起》是由谢明训作词,A.CHOTIKUL作曲,草蜢演唱的一首歌,收录于专辑《宝贝对不起》中。 歌曲歌词 怕你多情,怕你多情,怕我不忍心。 雨下不停,雨下不停,心情也不定。 一千朵玫瑰给你,要好爱自己。 一万万句对不起,离开你是不得以...

你说的应该是sandara park的kiss吧!是韩语歌

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