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Doctor:Hello,may I help you? 你好,我能帮你什么呢?Patient(病人):Yes,I had a stomachache yesterday.And now I am feeling very bad.我昨天肚子痛,现在我感觉很难受.Doctor:Can you tell me more about your feelings?When does it start?

病人:早上好,大夫 patient: good morning, doctor. 医生:早上好,哪里不舒服? doctor: good morning. what seems to be the trouble? 病人:最近有点失眠. patient: i'm suffering from insomnia. 医生:这种情况有多久了? doctor: how long

Last week,I went to the hospital.The doctor said to me:" Having a good habit is very important.You should do something for your health.You should follow the following suggestions:1.Often wash your hands .2.Don't touch any part of your face with your

what's matter with you?i have a headache.when is it start?three day ago.oh ,that too bad.i thank so .what should i do ?you shouid eat midecine .oh ,thanks very mach.you are weicome .

d: hey, how are u? what's bring u here?p: i dont know what's going on, but i feel uncomfortable these days.d: how come?p: i've got a headache since that day i walked home from office in the rain, it's about 4,5 blocks. and also sneezing all the days,

参考资料(不是本人写)"isn't it amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, suddenly meant the world to you?". it's so captivating isn't it how our lives turn out in ways we least expected them to? someone who meant the world can turn

see a doctorAs is known to all that the quality ol our life is getting better and better and we take more care about our healthy. So it can be accepted that people spend much more money than before on the treatment.Lately, we have known the news

Dear Doctor,I am quite sick recently. I have coughing and running nose . It seems like I cought flu. I tried drinking lots water, and eating plenty of fuits. But it hasn't been improved. Therefore. I would like to make an appointment and come to see you.

The State Council has admitted that the outbreak of SARS has worsened China's already 'grave' employment situation. In a circular released Wednesday, the government said: 'Uncertainties for economic development caused by the outbreak of

Yesterday I played football with my classmates in the rain.When I woke up this moring,I had a headachache,coughed and had a sore throat.I felt so terrible that my mother took me to see the doctor.The doctor asked me some questions and looked me

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