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Mr.AGanhashisownperseverance,keepingonrunningwithoutofanyreason,JUSTRUNS. Hesaid:“Manhastlookforward,andneverencumberedbyforetime.Ithankthat'sthe meaningofmyrunning.”Saygoodbyetoforetimeanddon'tstayin-place.

What Movies Bring UsSince they were invented in 1888 after a great creation named chronophotographe, movies have walked along with human beings through centuries. They witness and record the changes in every civilization, and interact with

Rear Window 《后窗》 L.B.Jefferies, a photographer working at a magazine, broke his left leg six week ago, so he has to stay at his two-room apartment days and days. The reason of this accident is that he stood in the middle of the racing track for

《小鬼当家》的观后感(网络) Today, I saw large areas of the United States "Home Alone" with deep feeling. The main character is a little boy. Christmas is fast approaching, the little boy was always getting into trouble. As a result, they go to a

After watching the movie ghost mother first feel drawn too good. Indeed, the very lifelike 3D modeling, mainly because daylighting technology. But if only shares how high praise, that is too simple. Always feel this film is very deep, because it can not

While adapted from a true story, what this movie shows us is certainly not something unique. More likely, there would have been countless such stories (consider the population of China) in the post-Cultural-Revolution era of the 70s, albeit perhaps


My favourite movie is transformer. This film was made in America. It used a lot of high-techs and computer special effects. I like it very much. This film has huge scenes and famous movie stars. Besides, it has good story, and it told me to respect

oh,what's this.oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,the movie is make me happy.什么电影都可以了

功夫熊猫》观后感 最近,一部动画电影《功夫熊猫》受到了人们的广泛喜爱.一向喜欢看动画片的我一连看了好几遍.这部电影给我带来快乐的同时,也给了我许多启示. 故事讲述了一只肥嘟嘟的熊猫阿波从一个普通村民成为一名龙斗士的历

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