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① How different is the college schedule from the one at high school? College schedule is so flexible that a certain class would be offered on different days, at different times, and for different durations. ② What kind of sched...

were cleaning the windows. was droping the litter. was hanging the clothes. was washing the dishes. was cleaning the table. 希望对你有帮助,满意请及时采纳, 你的采纳是我回答的动力!

Look at the picture 看图; 请看这幅图; 看这幅图画 双语例句 1 Look at the picture here. it's a giraffe. 看这张照片。它是一只长颈鹿。 2 It's another thing to ask, when you look at the picture, are you existing? 另一个要问的事情是...


Dont run im sick


Small cheap long straight heavy glasses T—shirt guitar swim basketball这是第三题

男生:Good morning,Welcome to Macy'sHow can I help you with? 女生:Hmm,I'm looking for an orange dress. 男生:Of course.Please take a look at this one. How do you like it? You are going to be so Beautiful in it.! 女生: Thank you f...

百词斩 安卓上有 iOS不知道

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