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B A How do you How long does it take you How long How much milk does How old is 望采纳

为你解答。 1、ai 2、a 3、瘦的,薄的 4、ui 5、ni 6、ne 7、ss 8、a, er 9、and 10、er 11、艺术家 12、u 13、ch 14、描写 15、ff 16、o, a 17、ar 18、(size) 短语: 5、take one's order 6、一碗…… 7、around the world 8、许愿 9、blow ou...

① How different is the college schedule from the one at high school? College schedule is so flexible that a certain class would be offered on different days, at different times, and for different durations. ② What kind of sched...

the inauguration ceremony of our new library on every Wednesday morning my schedule invite every guest reply to an invitation go to a concert 填空 1对应上题2 2对4 3reply the invitation 4对1 5对3 6go to the concert

dock 码头

The bank is on the New Steet and it is between the hospital and the post office. Yes, there is a restaurant on the right of North Street. The pay phone is next to the police station. The post office is on the New Street and it...

In the picture above, there are four pencils but only one is adversed(该词表示“不友好的,不利的,相反的”,用于此处不恰当) which is different from the others. Noticeably, there is a sentence:"don't be afraid to be different." in...

看图 look at the picture 希望能够帮助到您,有疑问欢迎继续追问。 祝您学习进步,生活愉快,谢谢。(❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* 如果您的问题得到解决,请选为满意答案

Dont run im sick

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