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为你唱首歌 - 痛仰乐队词:高虎曲:高虎一段危险地旅途结束我想和你平静地生活去看看天边日落或许幸福就是紧握的手甜蜜的笑哭泣时的拥抱莎菲娜 莎菲娜 哭泣时的拥抱莎菲娜 莎菲娜 哭泣时的拥抱万花筒点缀你炫目的瞳孔湛蓝天空会因为你

《Mad World》亚当兰伯特All around me are familiar faces Worn out places Worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going no where Going no where Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression No expression Hide my

without youAaron Carter - Without You (There'd Be No Me)I've been around on this journeyAnd i'm learning,as the world keeps the turningYou've got to face the fightJust to live the dream (just to l

home (西城男孩)

歌名:I miss you原唱歌手:Klymaxx年代:1985年经典歌曲,翻唱版本非常多.


You lie a new way Is it gone, gone, gone, gone, goneYou've said you'd changed,but I'm afraid It's something I won't live to seeIt seems so strangeThat sometimes fateCan appear so real and yetTurn out to be a fantasySame old line, one more

I can only love you (so much) cherryholmes 的.

后街男孩《everybody》词:EverybodyRock your bodyEverybodyRock your body rightBackstreet's Back alrightOh my God we're back againBrothers sisters everybody singWe're gonna bring the flavor show you howI've gotta question for

cheating-joey moe 这是歌词; o~~~ yeah saturday the show was done i left the party rushed out of the door cause i couldn't wait to go to see your face then i saw you standing there in a hall way watching you with your room-man now tell me how

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