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which, that 区别如下.as I had expected是作状语它们所代替的先行词是事物的名词或代词,在从句中可作主语、宾语等,例如: A prosperity which / that had never been seen before appears in the countryside.(which / that在句中作宾语) The

which前的主语是物体 who前的主语是人 而that前的主语可以是人也可以是物体 who/that

1. that既可代表事物也可代表人,which代表事物;它们在从句中作主语或宾语,that在从句中作宾语时常可省略关系词,which在从句中作宾语也可以省略.[eg:this is the book (which)you want.] 2而且,如果which在从句中作“不及物动词+介词

在一般情况下,that先行词包括人和物,which只有物.在人物都有时用that,物前有the only/very/序数词时用that 不定代词后加that,all none等也是 区别: 关系代词用法一定的情况 1.词是all, anything, everything, nothing等,关系代词应用that That's

that \which在代物时常常可以通用,但有时只宜于用which ,不用that (1) 关系代词前有介词时. This is the hotel in which you will stay. (2) 如有两个定语从句,其中一句的关系代词是that,另一句宜于用which. Let me show you the novel that I

一、关系代词的用法: 1、who指人,在从句中作主语.如: the teacher who teaches us english is from australia. 教我们英语的老师是澳大利亚人. those who want to go to the summer palace must get up early tomorrow. 想去颐和园的朋友们明天

1."Which"引导关系从句--就是用来补充说明,无论有没有都对主句的意思没有影响的从句.例如: The exhibition, which was held in the market reserve, contained some interesting examples of contemporary sculpture. 在这个例句中,作者假定

that是对这个东西的必要描写 , which则是补充,你只要记得这点就可以了 其他不会混淆的地方很容易分辨

引导定语从句的区别: that不能用非限制性定语从句;that不能放在介词后面.识记只能用that的几种情况.3. that既可指物又可指人,which只能指物. 4. which可指代整个句子,that不行.

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