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flightless bird american mouth 《暮光之城》插曲 望采纳

The Sea - Swim Deep Go down to the sea And tell me what it is that you wanna be I said go, down to the sea and tell me what it is that you wanna be Gonna' take this boat and drive it out into the sea Gonna' fly this place so hi...

Brave New World 播放 歌手:Geri Halliwell 语言:英语 所属专辑:It's Raining Men

姜美珍的angle eyes 酷狗上有

Lightning - Little Mix I'd cross a desert and an ocean To get away from the pain of your storm But chase the center light, been running from your shadow So that I could heal and I been there That zig-zag shooting through my hea...

Take Me To Your Heart - Michael Learns To Rock Hiding from the rain and snow Trying to forget but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to my own heart beat So many people all around the world Tell me where do I ...

Never Saw Blue Like That 播放 歌手:Shawn Colvin 语言:英语 所属专辑:American Heartbreak

有两首 主题曲: Angel Eyes 演唱:姜美珍 插曲:Star 演唱:尹智英

Angel eyes一个韩国人唱的

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