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个 piece 套 set

pls kindly find the quotation as attached! 或者enclosed pls have our quotation of ..

the details of quotation please look at the attachment.

其实,也没有什么区别.差不多都是用 EA ,小物件的话可以用 PIECE英语没那么严格的表达.

报 价 单 Quotation 收件人: Recipient: 电话:Tel.no.:发件人: Sender: 电话: Name/Specification of Product计价单位 Price at Renminbi currency数量 Quantity单价


请问“服务报价”怎么用英文翻译 “服务报价” "Service quote" =============================

英文中没有量词若要翻译的话个:individuals of件:suits of盒:cases of只:peaces of

power 900w: 220V, after repeatedly primer paint, after repeatedly primer paint;H control mode. )11.17:Units, a licence holder for forming stainless steel tubes. )8. )10. wood tip heap (the whole heap header using high-15% of FIR Board do frame.

NLD 应该为缩写,NLD=Normal limited days (正常情况下的时间限制)3-8天,是说报价有效期吗?建议把问题再详细一些才好.

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